DAI KO MYO ~ Art Print

DAI KO MYO ~ Art Print

from 14.50

Our energy filled DAI KO MYO Art Print accents a personal or work space with color and symbolic meaning. The character in this print is the Reiki 'Master Symbol' and is a channel to the soul and spiritual self, and to the energy of an awakened heart and wisdom.

This unframed 11x14 inch print is sized for easy, do-it-yourself framing. We also offer this print along with Symbol of Reiki, Power Symbol/Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen as a SET OF 5 Art Prints - the perfect decor accent for those who pursue Reiki personally or professionally.

  • Borderless full color print on premium paper.

  • Standard 11x14 inch size is easy to present in ready made mats and frames.

  • This print is shown framed - it comes UNFRAMED.

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