BLESSINGS ~ Alumin Arte Box Framed Print

BLESSINGS ~ Alumin Arte Box Framed Print


BLESSINGS is an inspirational 12x12 inch Alumin Arte print that is ideal for home and work environments.

This photograph was taken by a Special Ops Soldier, after he had returned from his 22nd deployment. Kevin went to a small cabin in the mountains of southern Virginia, where he spent time meditating and searching for inner peace. He spent hours walking the hilly, wooded terrain. On one such walk, after asking God for a sign, he looked down and found a reply in the form of a naturally occurring heart of pine needles. Kevin captured the moment with his camera, and it is his wish that this image convey heart-felt peace, comfort, hope and healing to those who view it – as it did for him, in that moment of his own need.

Dr. Renée’s Alumin Arte prints on metal are the highest quality fine art reproductions available. These luminous images have unmatched clarity and crispness, a broad and vivid color palette, subtle nuances, and life like dimensionality - similar to what you experience when viewing HDTV. This is the perfect showcase for Dr. Renée's art, and it makes for images that stand out in any setting.

  • Alumin Arte prints are created using a unique imaging technology that has been perfected over a 30 year period. 
  • This print comes in two finishes. HIGH GLOSS: Our most popular finish has reflective properties that make the most of the vivid colors, and unmatched depth of field these prints offer. SATIN: This finish has a softer feel, and is perfect when reflectivity is an issue.
  • The environmentally green materials used in Alumin Arte prints are engineered for 50 years of durability.
  • This Alumin Arte print is framed with a EUROPEAN FINE ART BOX STYLE MOUNT. This is a frame to edge presentation which adds structural support to the metal art, and has a very clean look. Print will rest about 1 1/2" off the wall. 
  • This print arrives ready to hang with a premium, heavy duty hanging wire and adjustable braces, so you can change the location of the wire with ease.
  • This Alumin Arte print is easy to clean, is scratch resistant, and will not be damaged by exposure to water. It is not suitable for direct sunlight or the outdoors.
  • Included: A microfiber cloth for cleaning.
  • This print will be packaged and shipped individually. It will arrive separately, and on a different time frame, from other items you may have ordered. Please allow 14-21 days for delivery. Thanks!
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