KEVIN'S HEART ~ Table Top Treasure

KEVIN'S HEART ~ Table Top Treasure


This inspirational gem is a creative extension of the photographic image, KEVIN'S HEART.

This photograph was taken by a Special Ops Soldier, after he had returned from his 22nd deployment. Kevin went to a small cabin in the mountains of southern Virginia, where he spent time meditating and searching for inner peace. He spent hours walking the hilly, wooded terrain. On one such walk, after asking God for a sign, he looked down and found a reply in the form of a naturally occurring heart of pine needles. Kevin captured the moment with his camera, and it is his wish that this image convey heart-felt peace, comfort, hope and healing to those who view it – as it did for him, in that moment of his own need.

At 5x5 inches, our small Alumin Arte High Definition Metal Print is free standing, and is a beautiful accent item on table tops and shelves. Packed with spirit and meaning, this is the perfect heartfelt gift!

  • We recommend the use of a microfiber cloth to clean Alumin Arte images.

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