MIND, BODY, SPIRIT ~ Table Top Treasure

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT ~ Table Top Treasure


Dr. Renée's MIND, BODY, SPIRIT is a creative extension of the art quilt image AURA MAN. This is a vibrant display of healing energy in a table top version!

The AURA MAN image depicts the 4 main layers of the human energy field as they emanate from a human figure. The background consists of the colors which represent the seven chakras. By Divine coincidence, inks that were scattered in a final step of creation (on the original fiber artwork) yielded a spot of green directly over the heart chakra! The spots around the 4 layers of the human energy field represent orbs reflecting thoughts and prayers being lifted upward. 

At 5x5 inches, our small Alumin Arte High Definition Metal Print is free standing, and is a beautiful accent item on table tops and shelves. Packed with spirit and meaning, this is the perfect gift of inspiration and wellness!

  • We recommend the use of a microfiber cloth to clean Alumin Arte images.
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