CHAKRA SPREAD ~ Fine Art Poster

CHAKRA SPREAD ~ Fine Art Poster


CHAKRA SPREAD is a healing energy inspired artwork transforms a home or business into a welcoming and relaxing environment. This is a premium quality, reproduction art poster that showcases the vibrant colors of Dr. Renée's original art quilts - at an affordable price! 

The colors of the seven chakras of the human energy field are depicted in this image. Dr. Renée's design is a reflection of the soothing and expansion of a chakra field when it transitions from being disturbed or congested, to open and flowing.

This unframed 24x36 inch fine art poster is sized for easy, do-it-yourself framing. It is printed on 100 lb. paper and is borderless.

It is shown framed in the first picture - it comes UNFRAMED.

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