AURA MAN ~ Art Print

AURA MAN ~ Art Print


Dr. Renée is pleased to offer high quality, reproduction prints. Transforming a utilitarian space into an inviting and relaxing environment is easy with the addition of Dr. Renée’s colorful healing energy inspired artwork. This unframed 11x14 inch print is sized for easy, do-it-yourself framing, allowing you to indulge in beauty at a great price! 

AURA MAN depicts the 4 main layers of the human energy field as they emanate from a human figure. The background consists of the colors which represent the seven chakras. By Divine coincidence, inks that were scattered in a final step of creation (on the original fiber artwork) yielded a spot of green directly over the heart chakra! The spots around the 4 layers of the human energy field represent orbs reflecting thoughts and prayers being lifted upward. 

This is a borderless full color print on premium paper. It is shown framed in the first picture - it comes UNFRAMED.

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