HEAVEN ~ Card Set

HEAVEN ~ Card Set


This set of 6 cards features images from the CHAKRA ROSE series of photographs.

These images grew out of Dr. Renée's Chakra Rose series. After the colorful petals from the flowers featured in the CHAKRA ROSE CARD SET were dried, they were taken outdoors and placed in a blue iridescent glass bowl, and nestled in a swath of hand-dyed chakra colored silk. The bowl seemed to collect the colors of the sky and the light of the sun, and reflect the rainbow array of colored petals, creating unique images from Divine inspiration. This series of images evokes many different emotions, and has many different meanings, for those who view them.

Superior quality art printing gives these images wonderful clarity, and makes them ideal for framing. The inside of the cards are blank, and they come with plain white envelopes.  The cards are 5x7 inches and have a satin finish.

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