CHAKRA BOUQUET ~ Table Top Treasure

CHAKRA BOUQUET ~ Table Top Treasure


Dr. Renée's CHAKRA BOUQUET image is a colorful display of beauty and energy, and this is the table top version.

CHAKRA BOUQUET began when Dr. Renée received two dozen tie-dye rose buds from a dear friend. Dr. Renée photographed the roses in their fully bloomed splendor, and the abundant rainbow of color the image depicts radiates a sense of goodwill that always makes people smile.

At 5x5 inches, our small Alumin Arte High Definition Metal Print is free standing, and is a beautiful accent item on table tops and shelves. Packed with spirit and meaning, this is the perfect heartfelt gift!

  • We recommend the use of a microfiber cloth to clean Alumin Arte images.
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