CHAKRA ROSE ~ Table Top Treasure

CHAKRA ROSE ~ Table Top Treasure


Dr. Renée's CHAKRA ROSE image is a colorful display of healing energy, and this is the table top version!

CHAKRA ROSE began when Dr. Renée received two dozen tie-dye rose buds from a dear friend. The first rose to open its petals had the seven colors representing the primary chakras of the human energy field, arrayed in the correct order from root to crown. Dr. Renée  photographed the rose in its fully bloomed splendor, and the image now graces a number of products designed to celebrate and share the healing power of beauty.

At 5x5 inches, our small Alumin Arte High Definition Metal Print is free standing, and is a beautiful accent item on table tops and shelves. Packed with spirit and meaning, this is the perfect heartfelt gift!

  • We recommend the use of a microfiber cloth to clean Alumin Arte images.
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