Healing Energy, Chakras & Healing Touch

Healing Energy

Every living thing has a non-physical energy field. Healing traditions from around the world hold that this energy needs to be open and balanced for optimal health, healing and wholeness. For millennium these traditions have utilized presence, heart-based intent, and light touch, to positively influence the health and well-being of ones self, or another person.


One of the driving principles regarding the non-physical human energy field, encompasses the idea that there are focal points throughout the body that concentrate and channel this energy. There are seven primary areas on the body for this activity, and they are referred to as CHAKRAS.

Contemporary tradition holds that the seven chakras and their correlated energies are associated with specific colors: Red for the root area. Orange for the sacral area. Yellow for the solar plexus area. Green for the heart area. Blue for the throat area. Indigo for the brow area. And Purple/White for the crown area

Healing Touch

Healing modalities that deal with the chakras are concerned with facilitating the clearing and balancing of these energy centers. HEALING TOUCH is a therapy that uses relaxing gentle touch techniques, and strives to balance one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It supports your natural ability to heal, is safe for all ages, and is compatible with standard and allopathic medical care.

The specific educational curriculum known as HEALING TOUCH grew from the HOLISTIC NURSES ASSOCIATION, and is now used in all types of care settings around the world. Many other healing modalities, for example REIKI, QI GONG, and THERAPEUTIC TOUCH, incorporate similar concepts and fall under the general rubric of energy medicine.