Hand Crafted Chakra Baskets

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Billie's Baskets

Dr. Renée is proud to feature the woven plaid basketry of Billie Kimel. Billie is known for her high quality traditional craftsmanship, and she creates special chakra themed baskets exclusively for Dr. Renée Healing Art. These stunning baskets are made from natural toned and hand dyed rattan, and are accented with thin bands of seagrass. They have a durable, solid 10x10” bottom, crows feet corners, and a satin smooth, very strong D-shaped wooden handle. Billie’s picturesque baskets are an eye catching décor accent, and are also fully functional - just perfect for comfortably carrying treasures found at your local farmers market!


Market Basket Dimensions: 10x14” at the basket opening and 12” high at the top of the handle.

Billie makes her baskets one at a time, with time consuming exacting precision. While the size and shape of the baskets remain constant, variations in the woven pattern make each basket unique. Billie hand signs each one of her heritage quality creations.

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Billie also delights us with seasonal baskets. These are limited in quantity, and like all of Billie's Dr. Renée Healing Art baskets, available only in our Winston-Salem Gallery & Gift Shop.

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Billie Kimel started making baskets after she retired in 1984. Two years later she started teaching basket making, and she is still educating people about the traditional craft. Billie has been a member of the North Carolina Basket Makers Association since 1989, and her baskets are prized possessions in homes throughout the southeast.