Dr.Charles Tegeler & His Research

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Dr. Charles H. Tegeler, is well known as a neurologist who specializes in vascular neurology/stroke, neurovascular ultrasound, and clinical research. Dr. Charles has a daughter, who as a young teenager, had a protracted battle with debilitating headaches that did not respond to traditional medical treatments. She finally found relief through integrative healing sessions. 

The significant improvement in his daughters health and well being, as a result of the HEALING TOUCH sessions, was of great interest to Charles as a doctor. His curiosity about the energy in our hands and bodies, and his desire to address his conviction that the effects of chronic stress are contributing to disease and death in his patients, led him to pursue scientifically based research on the healing concepts underlying his daughters response to the integrative healing sessions.



Dr. Tegeler’s current research focuses on the evaluation of HIRREM®, a noninvasive, closed-loop, acoustic stimulation neurotechnology. Sensors on a patients scalp monitor electrical brain frequencies, and in real time convert specific frequencies into audible tones which are mirrored back to the patient. This, in effect, allows the patient to hear the “song” of their own brain. The brain is supported to auto calibrate, self-optimize, "relax", and is observed to shift on its own towards improved balance and reduced hyperarousal. The process allows the brain to “hit a reset button”, releasing it from patterns related to chronic stress or trauma.

Study participants are reporting significant reduction of symptoms often associated with responses to physical or non-physical traumatic stress. Improved balance and flexibility of autonomic nervous system function is also observed. Dr. Tegeler describes HIRREM as a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment that supports the body in healing itself.