These are the artworks that our product images are based upon.

Dr. Renée’s wish is to touch thousands of healing providers and patients by enhancing the healing process. She has seen such an emotional and impactual response to her healing energy medicine, chakras, medicinal herbs and plants, and tie-dyed roses themed art pieces, that she now sees them as a path towards transforming medical environments into positive healing centers of balance and caring. Her journey to bring this work to the public is a direct response to the request of countless patients and healers who have asked Dr. Renée for the opportunity to have her images, and the spirit of her artworks meaning, in their homes and workplaces. Celebrating the connections between beauty & health, art & science, and understanding & medicine, HEALING ART images were created to add balance to busy, stressful lives and environments. Appreciation and caring are fundamental to art and healing, and it is with gratitude for the many such connections in her life, that Dr. Renée presents her artwork to the public.


This series of fiber art works is the foundation of Dr. Renée’s signature line of Healing Art images. They were created as Dr. Charles was setting up research projects based on ideas that had evolved from their daughter’s HEALING TOUCH treatment for crippling headaches. Dr. Renée was inspired to create quilts that would enhance a healing environment, and these quilts were designed to be hung on the walls of treatment centers where patients would be able to see their beauty up close, and be positively affected by their energy infusing colors and radiant spirit.  SCROLL OVER FULL QUILT IMAGES FOR ARTWORK DESCRIPITIONS.


On Mother’s Day, 2012, a dear friend of Dr. Renée’s sent her two dozen tie-dye rose buds. The first rose to open its petals had the seven colors representing the primary chakras of the human energy field, arrayed in the correct order from root to crown. The other blossoms were beautiful but lacked such exact symbolism. The rainbow hued ‘chakra rose’ was photographed by Dr. Renée in its fully bloomed splendor and has quickly become one of her signature images!


Dr. Renée’s tie-dyed roses were a gift that kept on giving. After the colorful petals from the flowers featured in THE ROSE COLLECTION were dried, they were taken outdoors and placed in a blue iridescent glass bowl, and nestled in a swath of hand-dyed chakra colored silk. The bowl seemed to collect the colors of the sky and the light of the sun, and reflect the rainbow array of colored petals, creating unique images from Divine inspiration. This series of images evokes many different emotions, and has many different meanings, for those who view them.


This series of five vibrant images depict Reiki symbols. Dr. Renée found this centuries old branch of Eastern empowerment and energy based healing to be complimentary to healing energy concepts she was studying. She created this series of images because she wanted to reach out and connect with those committed to Reiki. The symbols were painted on silk with ink, and after the painting dried, the image was dyed numerous times to achieve the intensely rich colors. The final touch was to splash the images with alcohol, creating bubble like breaks in the colored bands.  SCROLL OVER FULL REIKI IMAGES FOR SYMBOL DESCRIPITIONS.


Dr. Renée’s colorful depictions of the human brain are made from batik printed silks that have been treated with Setacolor inks to produce the image. Dr. Renée was inspired to create an image of the brain when her husband began his neurotechnology research. Her first image quickly became a series of five colored brains, and what was originally designed just for her husband's office became a requested art piece from doctors in various specialties.


 Dr. Renée loves her wandering garden which is dotted with colorful flowering bushes and perennials. She became curious about the medicinal qualities of plants when, about a decade ago, she started getting questions from patients concerning the healing potential of medicinal herbs and plants. With an increasing number of her patients asking questions about medicinal herbs and plants, and increasing issues concerning the way medicinal herbs and plants and pharmaceuticals interact, Dr. Renée felt that it was imperative that she learn about medicinal herbs and plants for her patients sake. As her knowledge grew she decided to create a series of quilts, designed to hang in her office, featuring a medicinal garden. It was her hope that the beauty and subject matter of the art quilts would spark conversation, and encourage patients to be forthcoming about medicinal herbs and plants and other alternative healing treatments they were using.

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