Chakra Rose Art and Gifts - reviews

BUENA VISTA LIFE came to our new showroom and interviewed Dr.Renee. We are very appreciative of this beautiful feature article!

Published: October 2016

By Mary Murphy

"If you are going to have a conversation with Dr.Renee Tegeler be prepared to enter a high-powered vortex of intellect, creativity, passion and unbridled compassion. She..."  TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

Wow... we are privileged to be the subject of a very nice article in the WINSTON-SALEM JOURNAL. This is exciting! 

Posted: Sunday, December 13, 2015 12:15 am

By Kathy Norcross Watts Special Correspondent

Renée Tegeler pursues both medicine and art with an enviable enthusiasm that has spurred her to combine the two passions in “Dr. Renee Healing Art.” Her website says that it’s “art for those who heal.”  TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

What fun! Dr. Renee has been interviewed by NOVANT HEALTH. This will make you smile :-)


NATURAL TRIAD has a feature article about DR. RENEE HEALING ART!

The write up is on pages 48-49 (you have to use the arrows at the top of the page to scroll to the article). CLICK HERE TO READ IT.