Dr. Renée Tegeler M.D. has been a fountain of energy since she was a child. The daughter of an American Air Force officer, Renée was born overseas. She grew up moving often, exposed to different countries and cultures, as her father was reassigned. Dr. Renée’s mother, a home economics teacher, kept her curious and lively daughter occupied with extra curricular academic programs, pottery and stained glass classes, and lots of golf, bowling and volleyball. Always precocious, Dr. Renée showed an early interest in medicine, and her mother made her a special nurse’s hat and red medical bag for her third birthday. Upon receiving them the birthday girl politely handed them back, indicating she would prefer a white doctor’s coat and black bag instead please! After being properly outfitted, the young Dr. Renée set about “operating” on her dolls on a regular basis.

Growing up Dr. Renée developed a dedicated attitude towards work and a love of the pursuit of excellence. She credits her mother with instilling in her the need to be independent, and the desire to develop a career that centered on a global skill and service to others. An exceptional student, Dr. Renée pursued her passion and, at age seventeen, started her medical training with the intent of becoming a surgeon. During the course of her education, Dr. Renée changed her focus from surgery to internal medicine. She found that she enjoyed more one on one involvement with her patients than surgery allowed, and that she had an aptitude for treating “the whole patient”. At twenty three she completed the six year medical curriculum, and graduated with her M.D. from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. In over thirty years of medical practice, Dr. Renée has been consistently recognized and honored for her commitment to high quality compassionate patient care.


Dr. Renée’s husband, Dr. Charles H. Tegeler, is well known as a neurologist who specializes in vascular neurologist/stroke, neurovascular ultrasound, and clinical research. They met, during their medical training, on a month long medical school trip to China in 1981. While touring 11 cities and visiting sister medical schools, Renée and Charles established a friendly camaraderie that sowed the seeds of a deep connection, impossible to ignore when they returned to the states. Dr. Renée laughingly says that she met and fell in love with “the one” without even realizing it. The Tegelers started a family in 1986, and have a son and daughter. Dr. Renée greatly enjoyed sharing creative adventures with her children and Dr. Charles, fondly nicknamed their home “Craft Central Station”. Any holiday was an excuse to abundantly decorate the house, preparing dinner was a chance to explore the intersection of art and science, and school projects turned the home into a community gathering spot. Now adults, the Tegeler children have begun a family tradition by being the second generation to nurture their passions and careers inside the medical world. 

Made from recycled ties, this award winning wearable art vest was pieced together and quilted with free motion embroidery.


Quite early Dr. Renée discovered her creative nature and she began sewing by the time she was in third grade. She loved making clothes, and always sported her own creations to proms and social events in high school and college. Her grandmother’s quilting inspired her creative impulses while she was a medical student, looking for a way to unwind from the pressures of school. Over the years Dr. Renée began introducing her quilting skills into her clothing creations. She explored innovative uses of Log Cabin patterns and Bargello techniques, and made vests from ties collected in a box at her workplace. Her wearable art pieces garnered numerous awards, and created an endless parade of smiles on her patient’s faces when she walked into exam rooms looking cheerful and colorful in her artistic creations. 


Dr. Renée’s artistic pursuits took a more serious turn, and became a powerful reflection of her family’s life journey, after her daughter began to have trouble with severe headaches as an adolescent. During their daughter’s final year of middle school, the Tegeler’s watched their active, sparkling child become the victim of acute and unrelenting pain. Despite their own medical knowledge and broad professional connections, an intensive search for the cause of the headaches was fruitless, as was a way to treat them. When a faculty research colleague, who was working with complimentary medical techniques, offered to try a HEALING TOUCH energy based healing session with their daughter, the Tegelers were a bit uncertain, but could find little reason not to try the non-traditional treatment.

Given how miserable she felt, and how weakened she was by a 20 pound weight loss, Charles had to carry his pajama clad daughter to the car, and from the car into her first session. The colleague began by explaining a bit about energy in the body, and how he would be redirecting misaligned energies with his hands, presence, and intention. Charles, a product of academic medicine, was a bit skeptical, but had been exposed to enough traditional eastern medicine while in China, to keep an open mind. At the end of the first 45 minute session the Tegeler’s daughter felt better for the first time in a very long time. A series of sessions resulted in significant improvement in their daughter’s condition, and the Tegeler’s regard HEALING TOUCH as the treatment that saw their daughter “over the hump” on a path towards wholeness and healing. Within months, their daughter was expressing the desire to learn about HEALING TOUCH herself. Over the next several years the family pursued educational classes and training in chakras, energy and balance.

CHAKRA SPREAD: Art Quilt made from assorted hand dyed cottons. Dimensions:

Over the course of their daughters integrative healing sessions the Tegelers saw great improvement in her health and well being. This was of great interest to Charles as a doctor as well as a parent. His curiosity about the energy in our hands and bodies, and his desire to address the stress that he saw contributing to disease and death in his patients, led him to pursue scientifically based research on HEALING TOUCH. As Dr. Charles began pursuing energy based healing research, Dr. Renee began to feel a profound need to offer something to the new healing environments her husband was creating (CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE RESEARCH). She began making art quilts that were based upon the ideas that were impacting her family. Her interest in chakras, and their importance for health and healing, combined with the drive to create a beautiful, inviting piece of beauty, transformed into CHAKRA SPREAD. This fiber art wall piece, and others that followed, were displayed on the walls of Dr. Renée’s medical practice, and Dr. Charles' research facility, where they were met with much acclaim.

Dr. Renée’s wish is to touch thousands of healing providers and patients by enhancing the healing process. She has seen such an emotional and impactful response to her healing themed art pieces, that she now sees them as a path towards transforming medical environments into positive healing centers of balance and caring. Her journey to bring this work to the public is a direct response to the request of countless patients and healers who have asked Dr. Renée for the opportunity to have her images, and the spirit of the artworks meaning and quality, in their homes and workplaces.

Dr. Renée designed this distinctive line of images and products to celebrate the connections between beauty & health, art & science, and understanding & medicine. HEALING ART images and products were created to add balance to busy, stressful lives and environments. Appreciation and caring are fundamental to art and healing, and it is with gratitude for the many such connections in her life, that Dr. Renée presents her artwork to the public.